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Whitby & Co

Whitby & Co are one of the most cutting-edge brands in army knives and bring you some of the sharpest tactical gear. Provided by Cadet Direct, Whitby knives give you the advantage when honing your skills out in the field. Featuring military kit such as stealth pocket knives, carbon fibre lock knives and titanium knives, Whitby & Co specialise in tactical tools for law enforcement, safety rescue and military markets. The Whitby & Co brand has been built on strong foundations in Cumbria, UK and has more than 50 years’ experience. Their mission is to create Whitby knives that are high-quality in design and great value for money, and the brand continues to improve themselves to keep your performance at its best. Order your Whitby army knives with Cadet Direct for fast delivery and same day dispatch.
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